Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parallel Universes

Blow your mind on this one. I came across this passage in Dolores Cannon’s book, “Convoluted Universe III,” and it blew me away:
Any time an individual has to make a decision they usually have more than one choice. This is what I call, “Coming to a crossroad.” They have to decide to go one way or another. It could be a decision about a marriage, a divorce, a job, anything. They ponder each choice and put a great deal of energy into deciding which path to take. Then they make a decision. We have all experienced these “crossroads”. We know that had we chosen to go the other path, our lives would be totally different. We decide to go one direction. But what happens to the energy that we have sent into the other decision that was not chosen? It also becomes a reality! Another universe or dimension is instantly created to act out the other decision, and another “you” is also created to be the player in that scenario. This was the simple explanation, because it does not only happen when we are faced by major decisions. It can happen each and every time we are faced with choices, no matter how big or small. Each time we make a decision, another universe or dimension is instantly created so the other choice can also become a reality, and another “you” splits off to play that part. They are all just as real as the present life we are focused on. We are not aware of these other parts of us, and it is wise that we are not. Our human minds would never be able to handle it all. I was told that the problem is not with the brain, it is with the mind.
This is the stuff of science fiction. I don’t pretend to understand it or even grasp it, but the possibilities this new concept presents are mind broadening. It makes the human life more interesting, more colorful, more varied…in ways that I cannot fathom. Seriously, many of “me” running around out there in some alternate realities, living lives that I know not about? But the question is: What’s the purpose? What’s the point of all of this? Is there a reason why we have parts of ourselves splitting off to experience a different reality? AND, do these parts of myself come back to me eventually? And who is the current “me”? Am I a copy of myself, a part that has split off some time ago to experience this reality? How do I know which one is the real ME?

Wow. All this is mind boggling and utterly mind bending. I have a bunch of questions with no way to find the answers...

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