Friday, June 17, 2011

A True Leader

Photo by Alex Cherney

We need a leader who speaks for the people
We need a hero who cares not about what others think
We need someone who will do the right thing
To fight for the downtrodden, the poor and the hopeless
To stand up for justice and speak the truth
Who won’t sell his soul to the highest bidder
Drenching himself in the blood of the people thereafter

We need a leader who’s good and kind
Who’s brave and ready to sacrifice for humankind
We need someone who won’t give in to pressure
To lobbyists and bankers and corrupt politicians
Who doesn’t care about the label of “Democrat” or “Republican”

We need someone like the FDR of old
Who challenged the old guards
And gave the people hope
Who brought the water of life
Back to the dying land
And to the desperate he gives a helping hand
Restoring to them their human dignity

We need someone who’s a true public servant
Not just for our country but the world and all beings

The people are crying
The planet is dying
The heart of the nation
Is disappearing…  

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