Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Farmed Monkeys? What?!

I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop my tears from welling up when I read the story. I was researching on the Internet and came across a Dailymail article, "Caged and bound for Britain: Factory-farmed monkeys are being shipped in their thousands to UK laboratories." I was shocked. I have heard of the horrible and cruel conditions the livestock and dairy industries, but I didn't know people also farmed monkeys.

Even though the monkeys are not raised to be eaten, but their fate are probably worse. They are destined to be separated from their mom (caught in the wild to abused as a breeder -- the horror!) and shipped to civilized nations to be cut up and tested for the rest of their lives in the name of research, medicine, and science. My God! A fate of torture and abuse. If it was me, in their shoes, an imprisoned lab rat who was treated as nothing more than a mere object for the cold calculations of science...I'd rather kill myself.

Pharmaceutical companies, universities, and those who are actively engaged in these heartless and cruel experiments: Go stuff yourself. I don't care for your pills and treatments, your products obtained through torture, cruelty, and death. I refuse to be a part of these inhumane practices. How can anything be called "life-saving" if it requires the killing and torturing of life?

Seriously, what are the world governments doing? There are so many wrongs in the world that the leaders and politicians haven't done enough to correct them. Stop the bickering and start ruling from the heart. Do the job that you have been voted into office for: to improve the quality of life of your citizenry, and animals are a part of that because they have enriched our lives in so many ways.

We as a people of the world, by being silent, also become complicit in their wrongdoings. In the end, it's our conscience and our heart that will hurt, that will condemn us to our own private hell until we try to live honestly and truthfully with ourselves. It's not easy a path to lead, but in the end, it will be worth it.

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