Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parallel Universes, Part II

I had a moment of enlightenment when I pondered about the complexities of parallel universes, how it all doesn't make sense to me. How can the soul of a person splits off as many time as needed to experience an alternate universe at the same time? I remembered something I read once, something to this effect: God or the Creative Force, in order to experience different aspects of existence splits off parts of Him or Itself -- called the Divine Sparks -- and sends these sparks throughout Creation to experiment, play, and collect information to eventually return to God or the Creative Force once again. These sparks represent sentient beings, that means human beings, animals, the elementals, plants, anything you can thing of.

I remembered that different religions refer to human beings as sons of God, or in Buddhism, Buddhas (present, future, or past). So, we ourselves, as mini-Gods, to maximize our existence as a created being of God, we also splits off part of ourselves and send them off to collect information, to experience and experiment with life, all at the same time. Perhaps in the end, these parts of ourselves that split off to experience an alternate reality, a parallel universe, will also one day return to us, and we ourselves, once we're tired of playing the game of life, will also return to God, to the Creative Force.

Well, at least that's my understanding, making sense of the mystery of parallel universes. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow my understanding will change.

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